About Me

My name is Trevor, I’m 20 years old and I have struggled with weight all my life, now I”m doing something about it.
This is my journey so far.

I have always had weight issues, but it never bothered me to much because I was able to stay at
a steady weight and I was fairly healthy, all things considered.

All that changed in March of ’08.
I was on my way to help a family friend pack some stuff up to move, and during the drive somebody ran a stop sign and t-boned my car directly into the driver side door. The car ended up being forced almost 200 ft into the field next to the intersection.

The short of everything that happened after was I was unable to work, or be active at all for nearly 8 months outside of PT due to doctors orders, and then when I was released, I was still in so much pain I could hardly stand to do anything.
I also ended up with firbomyaglia from the car wreck, which just made doing anything that much harder.
Between the depression of everything happening and not being active at all led to a lot of weight gain.
Before the wreck I came in at 250 lbs, 38 pants standing at 6’2″, within two years I ended up at 330 lbs & 48 pants, and when I weighted in there I refused to get back on the scale while continuing all the same habbits I had been doing so I’m sure the weight kept climbing.

Well, in Late November ’10 I had a big change in my life and after a month of being depressed about it, I decided I needed to change some things so I made a new years resolution for the first time ever that I was going to loss the weight and get healthy.
I started out taking Muay Thai classes three days a week and I did it through January and most of February before I saw the Insanity infomercial on TV.  I had seen the infomercial tons of times and didn’t even give it any thought, but this time all I could think about was that I knew I could do that and that I had to try.
The next day I called up my best friend (Who I do muay thai with) and told him I was going to do Insanity and I want him to do it with me, he agreed and that was that.

I got the program in and started it on February 22nd ’11 and I loved it!
The first day I was so dead after the workout I didn’t move for a good 20 minutes, but I felt good about it.
The one area I was having troubles with was my diet, it was better, but still far from good.
I ended up starting a second round of Insanity at the end of april, and about half way through that I order Insanity: The Asylum to have for after I finished this round of Insanity up.  It was when I got it in I started to really get my diet down and by July 10th I was down to 220 at the end of my second round of Insanity.

I started The Asylum right after the second round and during the Asylum I did a herbal cleanse to help keep me going, by August 8th I dropped down to 206, my lowest weight since I was 12! I felt so awesome, I just loved it.
I was getting ready to start a hybrid of Insanity/Asylum when my coach started talking to me about something called the 30 primal challenge.
After checking out Marks Daily Apple I started my own challenge.
I will tell you, when I started this it was hard for me, it was totally against everything I read and heard, avoid grains, even whole grains, and eat plenty of good fat, I was scared when I started out and it took some time to settle in to it.
After about 2 weeks I was settling into it and I pick up marks book the primal blueprint, and after diving into it for 3 days I knew that I had to go all in with this thing, so that’s what I did!
During that time I also got on Shakeology, which has been one of the best things for me!
I love the energy it gives, and the taste, just wow. I crave it for dessert most nights now, haha!

It has only been almost a month since then, but between going primal/paleo eating and my Insanity/Asylum hybrid I dropped down to 195! I hadn’t seen below 200 since I was 10. I also took my body fat % from 27% when I started to 10.5% right now!

All of this is still a journey, and I hope you guys will follow me on the journey from being fat to fit, and maybe a few of you will decide to join me for the ride, I know I would love the company.


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