So I missed posting yesterday, by the time I got home for the night and worked out it was 10 and I was wiped.
I did get to do a little clothes shopping yesterday, it always feels good buying new clothes because you don’t have any that fit you any more. Well, as long as they don’t fit you because they are to big, haha. =D

Anyway, today I had a long day at school, but I take solace in the fact I only have two weeks left!
I’m looking forward to getting done sooooo much.

I did do a workout yesterday even though it should be a rest day.
I know I will be resting monday so I figured I would switch the day’s up.
The workout would of been Asylum’s back to core, but I wasn’t feeling that, so I made my own and it was a blast.Descending pyramid 5-1 pull-up, chin-ups, cardio dumbbell lvl1 20lbs, and 10-5 diamond jumps followed by 15,10,5 kettle bell swing and 5-3-2 push-up jack burpee’s.
Try it, it’s tougher then it sounds.

Today would of been asylums speed and agility, but again I wasn’t feeling it.
I did P90x Ab ripperX followed by Insanity’s fast and furious, now that felt good.
Something I have learned over the last few months if listen to your body, do what you are feeling, and don’t feel guilty about it.
If you are following a program and you don’t feel the workout that day but you are digging a run, or maybe a swim, go for what you are feeling, your body will thank you.
Also, if you are feeling totally run down and drug out, REST. You body needs it, and it will thank you for it the next day when you can go all out again.

Anyway, dinner tonight was INCREDIBLE!
I made a arugula salad with a homemade spicy ranch, beet casserole, and an organic, grass fed, dry aged rib eye steak (Local from holder brother beef) drizzled with a garlic white wine sauce. I’m so full now, but it was worth it. Oh so worth it.
It’s super easy to make, so if you want me to post the recipe for any of it, leave me a comment. ;]
Here’s a picture for all you foodoaphile’s, don’t get to close to your computer, you wouldn’t want to short anything out from the drool coming out of your mouth;]

Feel free to leave any comments guys, I would love to hear what you have to say.
Keep digging deep,


That’s the motto of the workout I did last night.
Rocked some Asylum vertical plyo, and let me just say, it was a BEAST!
Also, if you ever thought that jump roping was “easy”, please for the love of all that is holy, do this video and come talk to me afterwards. Just be warned you might have welts on your legs after.

One of my favorite workouts from this video is plyo pushups, simply because if you can do them, you can call yourself a beast. (For the record, I can do them now!)
Or maybe it’s the lateral jumps… Hmmmm, I can’t decide! A lot of the moves feel like playing when I was a kid, haha.

Of course Matt came over and Rocked it out with me, always enjoy having his company.
I also got the after workout, soaked in sweat picture of us to share with you guys!

So I know it doesn’t totally follow what this blog is about, but I just want to say I love the clients I have at work.
Last night was such a good night at work, and it reminded me why I love my job, very good to have after a long day at school yesterday.

Well, that’s all for know guys, I will try to post up some stuff later today.
If I get a chance I might make a salad and give you guys a quick recipe too!
Take care and Dig Deep!

Totally my fault I’m a day late on this, I was feeling lazy last night to be totally honest.
That being said I did manage to get my workout in! Yeah, I’m a boss like that.
Yesterday was day 3 of Asylum, which would be back to core, but since Matt and I couldn’t get together I let him borrow it since most wednesday I would have muay thai anyway.
Sadly, I couldn’t make it to muay thai yesterday, so I popped in P90X Kenpo X, and man was that video a blast!
The time just flew by, which made things really nice.

I also checked my schedule for October and realized I wont be able to do muay thai next month, so I have a feeling I will be rocking out Kenpo X a lot more often during this next month.

Bring it!

Soooo, to be TOTALLY honest one of the reason I was to lazy to update yesterday was Resistance 3.
I picked it up to spoil myself, and I’m addicted. I finished the campaign up last night, and I’m planning on co-oping super human mode with my great friend Nathen.
I also tried out the multiplayer last night, and I have a feeling that will be getting most if not all my gaming time until modern warfare 3 and battlefield 3 come out.
If you have a PS3, I would say GET THIS GAME NOW!
I’m a little biased though, I loved the whole series.

Okay okay, I’ll stop rambling.
I will try and make myself update tonight after working out.
If all goes well you will get to meet Matt as well, we shall see.

Take care everyone!
Keep Digging Deeper

Asylum day 2 crazyness!

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Phew, I’m wiped now!
Today was day two of Asylum, which means one of my favorite worksout, strength!
I was proud of myself, I did 20’s for everything except the hip flies, I had to drop to 15’s (Those things are crazy!)
I also did more work on the pull-up bar then ever before. I’m determined to do a unassisted pull-up!

As far as dinner goes, I was lazy tonight.
I have leftover parsnip hash top with an fried egg and guacamole.
No picture, but I’m sure you can picture it in your head, I’m just lazy tonight.

On a side note, if anyone didn’t know, I’m a HUGE nerd and I love my video games.
Yesterday I picked up Resistance 3 for the PS3 and I love it so far, great game series.

Any, that’s of the track of this blog, but I had to throw that out there.
I want to know what YOU did today for your workout?
I also want to know if you didn’t workout, because that’s okay to, you body needs rest! (I know from experience, don’t over train)

Oh, one more thing!
My shakeology this morning was about a half cup frozen banana and strawberry with coconut milk and full fat greek yogurt, can you say YUM!
Crap, now I want another one…. hahah.

Take care everyone, keep digging deeper

Asylum day 1 round 2!

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As of today my recovery week is over and it’s back to work for me!
I’m going back and starting another round of The Asylum, but this time, I’m bring some friends along for the ride.
Since I’m sure you will be hearing more about them, the guys I’m doing it with are my best friends Matt and Jimmy.

Day 1 is Speed and Agility, and man do I LOVE this workout!
It feels good to be back at the asylum. I love Matt, but it was nice to get to see someone do speed and agility for the first time, I know he felt just like I did my first time through with that ladder, haha.
I was also going to be having muay thai training tonight but it got cancelled (I couldn’t go anyway, I sliced the tip of my finger off and it bled for almost two hours, opps) so I didnted up doing P90X 1 on 1 Mammoth UML, that video was a blast, and I felt great after.

It was on to dinner after that, and boy was dinner good tonight.
I love cooking and trying all kinds of new recipes, and since my parents got on the primal/paleo eating traing it’s even better!  Dinner for tonight was steak and chick kabob with snap pea stir-fry in a almond dressing and cauliflower rice. Mmm, good.

Sorry for the picture not being to great, it was a quick camera phone tonight, I promise they will get better.

Hey there!

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Hey everyone, how’s it goin’?

First things first, this whole blog thing is totally new to me, so bare with the slow starts,
dumb stories, and random pictures and keep on reading!

I’ll give a short background on myself so you have an idea of why I started this.
I have always had weight issues, but it never bothered me to much because I was able to stay at
a steady weight and I was fairly healthy, all things considered.

All that changed in March of ’08.
I was on my way to help a family friend pack some stuff up to move, and during the drive somebody ran a stop sign and t-boned my car directly into the driver side door. The car ended up being forced almost 200 ft into the field next to the intersection.

The short of everything that happened after was I was unable to work, or be active at all for nearly 8 months outside of PT due to doctors orders, and then when I was released, I was still in so much pain I could hardly stand to do anything.
Between the depression of everything happening and not being active at all led to a lot of weight gain.
Before the wreck I came in at 250 lbs, 38 pants standing at 6’2″, within two years I ended up at 330 lbs & 48 pants, and when I weighted in there I refused to get back on the scale while continuing all the same habits I had been doing so I’m sure the weight kept climbing.

Well, in Late November ’10 I had a big change in my life and after a month of being depressed about it, I decided I needed to change some things so I made a new years resolution for the first time ever that I was going to loss the weight and get healthy.
I started out taking Muay Thai classes three days a week and I did it through January and most of February before I saw the Insanity infomercial on TV.  I had seen the infomercial tons of times and didn’t even give it any thought, but this time all I could think about was that I knew I could do that and that I had to try.
The next day I called up my best friend (Who I do muay thai with) and told him I was going to do Insanity and I want him to do it with me, he agreed and that was that.

I got the program in and started it on February 22nd ’11 and I loved it!
The first day I was so dead after the workout I didn’t move for a good 20 minutes, but I felt good about it.
The one area I was having troubles with was my diet, it was better, but still far from good.
I ended up starting a second round of Insanity at the end of April, and about half way through that I order Insanity: The Asylum to have for after I finished this round of Insanity up.  It was when I got it in I started to really get my diet down and by July 10th I was down to 220 at the end of my second round of Insanity.

I started The Asylum right after the second round and during the Asylum I did a herbal cleanse to help keep me going, by August 8th I dropped down to 206, my lowest weight since I was 12! I felt so awesome, I just loved it.
I was getting ready to start a hybrid of Insanity/Asylum when my coach started talking to me about something called the 30 primal challenge.
After checking out Marks Daily Apple I started my own challenge.
I will tell you, when I started this it was hard for me, it was totally against everything I read and heard, avoid grains, even whole grains, and eat plenty of good fat, I was scared when I started out and it took some time to settle in to it.
After about 2 weeks I was settling into it and I pick up marks book the primal blueprint, and after diving into it for 3 days I knew that I had to go all in with this thing, so that’s what I did!

It has only been almost a month since then, but between going primal/paleo eating and my Insanity/Asylum hybrid I dropped down to 195! I hadn’t seen below 200 since I was 10. I also took my body fat % from 27% when I started to 10.5% right now!

All of this is still a journey, and I hope you guys will follow me on the journey from being fat to fit, and maybe a few of you will decide to join me for the ride, I know I would love the company.

Thanks for reading guys, and check back to keep update on everything!