I just wanted to talk a little about the way that I eat.
I really don’t want to call it a “diet” because it is really so much more. I follow a primal blueprint/paleo style of eating.
It has been what has worked best for me, I love the food I get to eat, I never feel deprived or like I’m missing out on anything and I love getting to cook all of the amazing food.

I do want to say I don’t believe there are any one size fit’s all eating programs, this is just what works for me.
I encourage everyone to do the research to find what works best for you individual needs.
For more information of the primal blueprint, please visit Marks Daily Apple.

Some Basic information on paleo/primal eating are you want to simply this, no grains of any kind (Including whole grains, brown rice, and pasta), no white potatos, no legume (peanuts are a legume), and no processed sugar. If you are strict Paleo, there is also no dairy, but I’m more into primal which allows some dairy if you can handle it.

You eat lot’s of meat, unlimited vegetables,  decent ammounts of HEALTHY fats, and moderate amount of fruits.
You want all the food you eat to be as clean as possible, and by the I mean organic, local, grass-fed grass-finished meats, wild caught fish, fresh, nothing that is processed by a company with added sugars and salts.
For the record, bags of frozen vegetables are okay, and I use them a lot. Depending on what it is and where you live they might even be fresher then the fresh stuff your store sells.

Healthy fats mean you want nothing man made or that comes from a grain (corn, canola, ect.), but animal fats are okay.
Let me say it again, animal fats are OKAY, healthy even.
Use stuff like EVOO, Coconut oil, lard, tallow, Ghee, sesame oil, no spray cans though, chemicals in food? I’m fine, thanks.

Vegetable, really just get anything you want.
For people that are needing extra carbs seeing as how this way of eating ends up being low carb, use sweet potatos, yams (They are different) squash (Acorn, pumpkin, ect.) and wild rice (Wild rice isn’t a grain, so it’s okay when you need to go a little carb heavy)

As far as meat goes, you want grass-fed and finished, no hormone, and if you can find local, it’s even better.
For my Chicken and fish I will get something local from Whole foods (Chicken has taste, in case you were wondering =]) and for my beef I buy from a local farm called Holder Brothers (They ship nationwide, and this is hands down the best beef I have EVER eaten.)

That covers some basic stuff with primal/paleo eating, for more information check out Mark Sissons and Rob Wolf, they will have everything you ever wanted to know.


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