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Hey guys!
So yesterday was crazy.
We had tornados, earthquakes, and flooding all at once.

Got to love Oklahoma, right?

Anyway, today was pretty freaking awesome.
Firstly, I got MW3 tonight and I have played SP some and I’m playing MP this weekend, totally freaking awesome game.
Plus workout was awesome tonight, that always makes the day better.
This morning for my workout I went back to my old gym to workout which was awesome because I got to see all the guys and none of them have seen me since I started on my weight loss journey, so they were pretty stoked to see what I looked like. Although they didn’t all recognize me at first, haha.
I did just some of my own stuff for the most part, some CEKB WOD, some Crossfit WOD, and cardio, and I also did a Scott Herman ab workout.
Just so you guys know, Scott Herman is pretty freaking awesome in my book, I don’t care what you say.
Check out the video and tell me your abs don’t hurt from watching this stuff.

Alright, now that that’s taken care of, on to the update!
So I got on the scale this morning and what do I see?
192! that means I lost 3lbs over the 11 days of the spartan challenge!
That’s really exciting, and it makes me really want to work on keeping my diet really clean like I did during that 11 days.

I did pictures and measurements.
I’m really to lazy for measurements right now, some cool stuff there but nothing to blow you away until I post them next to my starting numbers.
I did decided to throw together a timeline picture for you guys to check out to show the points I did picture for progress measurements, check it out!

Let me guys know what you think!
The only thing I will ask of everyone, if you are going to make a negative comment, grow up and don’t even bother, no one needs that crap, not me or anyone who is reading this blog, either get over yourself or get off your ass and go workout, depending on which needs to be done.

Anyway, that’s all I have for tonight guys, I’m gonna go play MW3 a little more before getting ready for bed.
I love to hear from you all so be sure to comment!


Just a quick post tonight guys.
I made a video to introduce myself on youtube today, I’m stepping out of my comfort zone on this one but it will help me grow!

A little update about some food stuffs as well,
I’m going to try to get a new recipe up this weekend, sorry I haven’t in awhile, just been busy so I wasn’t cooking anything new.

Oh, just a heads up, I will most likely be doing some supplement reviews here soon, so keep an eye out.

So I missed posting yesterday, by the time I got home for the night and worked out it was 10 and I was wiped.
I did get to do a little clothes shopping yesterday, it always feels good buying new clothes because you don’t have any that fit you any more. Well, as long as they don’t fit you because they are to big, haha. =D

Anyway, today I had a long day at school, but I take solace in the fact I only have two weeks left!
I’m looking forward to getting done sooooo much.

I did do a workout yesterday even though it should be a rest day.
I know I will be resting monday so I figured I would switch the day’s up.
The workout would of been Asylum’s back to core, but I wasn’t feeling that, so I made my own and it was a blast.Descending pyramid 5-1 pull-up, chin-ups, cardio dumbbell lvl1 20lbs, and 10-5 diamond jumps followed by 15,10,5 kettle bell swing and 5-3-2 push-up jack burpee’s.
Try it, it’s tougher then it sounds.

Today would of been asylums speed and agility, but again I wasn’t feeling it.
I did P90x Ab ripperX followed by Insanity’s fast and furious, now that felt good.
Something I have learned over the last few months if listen to your body, do what you are feeling, and don’t feel guilty about it.
If you are following a program and you don’t feel the workout that day but you are digging a run, or maybe a swim, go for what you are feeling, your body will thank you.
Also, if you are feeling totally run down and drug out, REST. You body needs it, and it will thank you for it the next day when you can go all out again.

Anyway, dinner tonight was INCREDIBLE!
I made a arugula salad with a homemade spicy ranch, beet casserole, and an organic, grass fed, dry aged rib eye steak (Local from holder brother beef) drizzled with a garlic white wine sauce. I’m so full now, but it was worth it. Oh so worth it.
It’s super easy to make, so if you want me to post the recipe for any of it, leave me a comment. ;]
Here’s a picture for all you foodoaphile’s, don’t get to close to your computer, you wouldn’t want to short anything out from the drool coming out of your mouth;]

Feel free to leave any comments guys, I would love to hear what you have to say.
Keep digging deep,

That’s the motto of the workout I did last night.
Rocked some Asylum vertical plyo, and let me just say, it was a BEAST!
Also, if you ever thought that jump roping was “easy”, please for the love of all that is holy, do this video and come talk to me afterwards. Just be warned you might have welts on your legs after.

One of my favorite workouts from this video is plyo pushups, simply because if you can do them, you can call yourself a beast. (For the record, I can do them now!)
Or maybe it’s the lateral jumps… Hmmmm, I can’t decide! A lot of the moves feel like playing when I was a kid, haha.

Of course Matt came over and Rocked it out with me, always enjoy having his company.
I also got the after workout, soaked in sweat picture of us to share with you guys!

So I know it doesn’t totally follow what this blog is about, but I just want to say I love the clients I have at work.
Last night was such a good night at work, and it reminded me why I love my job, very good to have after a long day at school yesterday.

Well, that’s all for know guys, I will try to post up some stuff later today.
If I get a chance I might make a salad and give you guys a quick recipe too!
Take care and Dig Deep!