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Alright, totally misleading with the post topic, but it got your attention.

Firstly, sorry for being gone over the past few days, my mom has been sick so I didn’t get a chance to update for the last few days.
Now that we are past that I want to talk about losing weight.
If you saw my before and afters and read about my story, you might noticed that within my first round of INSANITY (Two months)
I lost 80lbs, a lot of people will say that is unhealthy and very bad for you, but in THIS case, it really isn’t.
Within 1 week I went from eating WAY to much food, really really bad food (1 whole frozen pizza for lunch atleast 4 days a week), playing video games for hours a day, never ever working out, sleeping way to much, and not taking care of myself to eating healthy foods, portion control, and working out every day as well as fixing my sleep and getting up and being more active in general.
For one, I lost tons of water weight, but at the same time when you make such a drastic change and have that much weight to lose, the first bit will come off fast.

Fast forward to now, I have lost about 3 pounds within the last month.
That is much more normal and healthy.
Losing 2-4 lbs a week is a healthy weight loss depending on your start point and what you have to lose.
There is no “quick Fix”, no magic pill or miracle  diet that you can drop all your  extra weight safely super super quickly.
You lose weight by hard work, and a healthy diet, flat out that’s what it comes down too.

Now, having said that you can do things to help with you diet by using supplements.
You want to use the right supplement to “SUPPLEMENT” your diet.
Get you diet right first, and then if you need some extra of this or that you can look to supplements.
I do take supplements, but I also have a very clean diet and I’m always changing it to try and make it better and take as few supplements as possible.

So that point of this is that if you want to lose weight that it takes hard work, discipline, and TIME.
I’m almost at a year since I started this and I still have some ground to cover, but I just keep working at it daily because this is a lifestyle thing, not a fad.

  1. Bohème Chinois says:

    Dude, I need to lose 80 pounds.

    How did you do it? I just got INSANITY recently. Did you fewer than 1000 calories?

    • trevorxgage says:

      You can do it as long as you work hard and set your mind to it.
      Insanity will get you there, thats for sure, its just hard as hell.

      God no, I ate 2500-3000 calories a day, sometimes up to 3500.
      You need to eat A LOT with insanity, otherwise you will destroy your metabolism and your hormones and feel like crap all the time.

      As far as diet goes, I think Paleo/Primal/Bulletproof style diet is the best thing for overall health and weight loss, so you should check into those.
      You should also check out the movie Fat heads, lots of info there.

      • Bohème Chinois says:

        Interesting, I weight 267 pounds right now. Did you really lose 80 pounds with one two-month session of INSANITY? Or are you exaggerating?

        I’m 23 and have been overweight my whole life, so I’m also fed up with it. I want to change now. If you really lost 80 pounds in two months with INSANITY, then that program must be super, super challenging.

        BTW, good job.

      • trevorxgage says:

        No, I really lost the 80 pounds. But you have to remember that I started at 330, never worked out, and ate like total shit daily.
        So if you don’t lose it all in the first round, dont get discorraged, just keep at it and you will get there for sure.

        Yeah, its a bitch, haha. I almost cried, puked, or passed out more then once in the first round of it.

        And thanks man, I can’t wait to here your progress with it. =D

  2. Bohème Chinois says:

    So I presume you also followed the INSANITY nutrition plan?

    I’m thinking of starting INSANITY. What was your diet like?


  3. Bohème Chinois says:

    I’ll keep you posted!

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